Motorcycle Skill Testing

Skill Testing Requirements

You will need Drivers License, Learner's Permit, Motorcycle Registration,Proof of Insurance, and DOT approved helmet.
(by appointment only) There are no refunds and registration is NOT transferable
Fort Wayne Location 5601 Saint Joe Road
Behind Wells Fargo Bank
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We will test in the rain.

The Skills Test must be taken on a registered, insured and street legal motorcycle as defined in the following sections of Indiana Code;

  • Codes Read as Follows:

IC 9-19-6-6, IC 9-19-6-17b, IC 9-19-7-2.5, IC 9-19-8-3, IC 9-19-8-4

Testing Specifications

You will need

-Divers License, Learner's Permit, Registration and Proof of Insurance (by appointment only) There are no refunds and registration is NOT transferable

Required Riding Gear

- A Properly fitting-DOT Approved (Department of Transportation) helmet IS REQUIRED for skills test

  • face shield or goggles that meet state standards
  • sturdy gloves
  • jacket
  • trousers
  • sturdy footwear

Applicants must provide the motorcycle used for the motorcycle skills test and must wear a motorcycle helmet during the operational skills test. Once you pass the motorcycle skills test, you will need to visit a BMV branch with your signed and stamped motorcycle learners permit to receive your motorcycle endorsement.

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What the test entails

The motorcycle skills test consists of several elements which measure an applicant’s basic control of the motorcycle and response to hazardous situations. The motorcycle skills test consists of the following actions:

  • Starting
  • Overall control
  • Cornering
  • Turning
  • Braking
  • Stopping at designated points
  • Offset cone weave
  • U-turn
  • Quick stop
  • Changing lanes
  • Obstacle swerve (to simulate changing lanes)

“Points” will be assessed if the applicant fails to properly execute any of the maneuvers listed above. If you fail the motorcycle skills test, you must wait until the next day before taking the test again. If you fail three motorcycle skills tests while holding a motorcycle learner’s permit, you must wait two months from the date of the last failed skills test before taking the motorcycle skills test again.
MRT practices ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) and will require students to be properly geared at all times.