Hayden Honda Staff

Sales Personnel

Bio I’m Kurt Hayden, president and owner of Hayden Honda. I started pushing a broom around the place back in 1965 when my dad owned it. (I was cheap labor.) I worked through all the departments until I finally took over the business from my dad in 1980. I’ve been riding motorcycles and ATVs for about as long as I’ve worked here. I used to race dirt bikes and street bikes. My wife Deb and I even took a CX500 to Yellowstone for our honeymoon. Though I love my job, it’s only worthwhile because I have my family with me. All four of my kids were raised here, and all two still work for me in one capacity or another. Our youngest, Haley, is now 19. Quote “Huh?”
Bio I’m Mike Hosier, Hayden Honda’s sales manager. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 34 years, but it was not until 2001 that I joined the industry as a salesperson. Before that, I worked 25 years in a factory, treated as a number and not as a person. A motorcycle accident brought me to Hayden’s—here I was treated like family. It’s great to work here, meeting different people everyday. Best of all, I get to work with my employer, instead of for him. Quote “Live each day to the fullest because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring!” (Also, “It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission.”)
Bio I’m Tom Mabee, part of the sales team here at Hayden Honda. My top priority is to make sure each customer gets exactly what he wants. I’m here not to help you make just any decision, but the right decision for you. I enjoy taking rides on my Goldwing and spending time with my daughter and granddaughter. In the evenings, I indulge in my other hobby by working at a bowling pro shop in Fort Wayne. Quote “Ride hard. Have fun.”

Bio Eddie is our resident traveling salesman. Most often you can see him here at the shop packing up for the next event or you can find him out at the fairs and shows! If you see him out at one of the events be sure to stop him and say "Hi." He's always got a good story to tell. When he's not working he's working on restorying old farm toys and pedal cars.  Quote "Nothing is impossible. It just takes a little longer. Always do your best at whatever you do."

Parts Personnel

Bio Karen Richards has been with Hayden Honda for over 13 years and rules the Parts Department Domain. Check out her awesome new Parts area with everything your little Honda Heart desires. Karen ships parts to all corners of the globe, including France and Poland. Quote Boy's get to work!!!!

Bio: I’m Haley Hayden and I work in the F & I department here at Hayden Honda. I’m 19 and the baby of the Hayden family. When I was younger, I worked at Hayden Honda because I had to—I mean, my dad owns the place—but now I work here because I want to. I can help you find the jacket or helmet that suits your style best or make sure you have the best fitting, most stylish safety gear available! Quote "Your Mom!" Service Personnel

Service Personnel

Bio I'm Ralph Longarder; Service Manager of Hayden Honda. I have been working on Honda's for over 15 years so I know a thing or two about their quirks and hickups. In addition to keeping our service staff on their toes I install most of our new trike kits and lend my expertise to the boys when they need it. Quote "Sure...I can fix that!"
Bio I’m Brian Landrum, one of the service technicians here at Hayden’s. I used to work in the car industry; I’ve only begun riding motorcycles since I've started work at Hayden Honda. In my magical fairyland, I ride a 2006 Moto Guzzi Griso; in reality, I aspire to own a Honda Metro. I’m married to a (freakishly) smart woman, Kristine, and have two strong-willed children. I hope someday to own a cherry orchard. I enjoy my job here because Kurt and Deb are exceptional employers who do all they can for their employees—I can work here without having to sell my soul. Quote “I don’t know what I’m doin’.” –The Sea Captain, The Simpsons

Bio Mike has been with Hayden Honda for many,many years and is the best bike detailer in the entire universe. He now has his "dream" job and is our "Night Janitor", Mike keeps Hayden Honda sparkling clean and is always on the move. Quote "Who cleaned this??? You call this clean??? Office Personnel

Bio Kallie is the daughter of our service manager, Ralph and is following in his footsteps. She is our service writer and also works in the parts department. She's currently a moped rider but who knows, maybe she'll upgrade. When she's not working she enjoys working out, gardening, reading and being outdoors hunting and fishing! Quote "Love is anything that overcomes evil with good." Romans 19:21

Office Personnel

Bio I’m Deb Hayden, Kurt’s wife. I married the business many years ago. You’ll find me in the main office, but my duties extend to in-house counselor, listener, problem solver, and all-around mother hen. My family is the most important thing to me. I’m lucky to have them all close by. They are my way of making the world a better place. My children, from oldest to youngest, are Nick, Zach, Summer, and Haley. My daughter-in-law Natasha is married to Nick, and my son-in-law Tyler is married to Summer. Quote “The more you know, the more you know.” “Watch what you wish for.”
Bio My name is Nick Hayden. I’m the one you’ll talk to if you need a title done, or if a bill needs paid, or if there’s some question regarding paperwork, or…well, mostly just that. I’ve been at Hayden Honda as long as I’ve been alive. Literally. If you’ve been a long-time customer, you probably saw me running around the shop in my bare feet. I also do bookkeeping for Hayden Rental and Power Equipment. I love my job and I love working with my family, and I consider myself lucky to be so fortunate. Quote "..."
Bio I’m Zach Hayden, the second oldest of the four Hayden kids. I’ve been around here since, well, birth. I’ve ridden ATVs since I was little. I  do some of the website stuff and graphics work, but my specialty is working for only a few hours because I own my own martial arts studio in Kendallville. Quote “Did you see the sumo picture on the website?”