Motorcycle License Testing

Motorcycle License Testing

2014 Testing Dates

April: 12, 19
May: 2*, 17
June: 7, 13*, 21
July: 11*, 26
Aug: 2, 23
Sept: 13, 27


You must provide an Indiana Drivers License.

You must have a valid (unexpired) Motorcycle Learner Permit that has been held for at least 30 days (Permit test administered by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and based on questions from the Motorcycle Operators Manual.)

Applicant must provide motorcycle. IMPORTANT: A motorcycle used for skills examination to obtain an endorsement or license must be street-legal and currently registered and plated, with proof of insurance and is to be ridden into the testing facility. Additionally, motorcycles are subject to a vehicle safety inspection preformed by the examiner.

Applicant must provide a motorcycle, helmet, & eye protection.

Test are given First Come First Serve, so you may want to show up early.

Fee:- $10.00 CASH (exact change), payable to examiner at the time of testing.

Parent/guardion signature is required for applicants under 18.

For more info call ABATE (800) 232-2283 or Hayden Honda or visit

What does the motorcycle test involve?

  • Perform a sharp left turn inside the boundaries of a 90 degree (square) corner that is 6 feet wide, then a smooth, non-skidding stop with the front tire inside a box that measures 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep.
  • Weave through 5 cones that are set 12 feet apart with a 2 foot offset, then make a U-turn inside of a box that is either 20 or 24 feet wide (depending on engine size).
  • Stop within a prescribed distance from a speed of 12-20 mph.
  • Swerve to avoid a 6 foot obstacle line while remaining within a 6 1/2 foot boundary, at a speed of 12-20 mph.