Think your motorcycle insurance is the cheapest? - Think again!

Why Switch?
Why pay more and get less? With our specialty motorcycle insurance companies, you will get coverage that is specifically tailored for the motorcyclist. Whether you are just out for a spin or journeying cross country, you will have the best coverage the motorcycle industry has to offer.
Here at Kurt Hayden Insurance we offer coverage from two of the country’s leading specialty insurance providers: American Modern Insurance & Foremost Insurance.

Why Choose Specialty Insurance?
The answer to this question is simple - specialty insurance gives you more. You will receive extensive exclusive coverage that fits your needs. Also, you will have the opportunity to receive discounts specific for motorcycle riders, towing and roadside assistance packages, safety apparel coverage, extra accessory coverage, and fast, friendly service from the industry’s most trusted specialty insurance providers.

What about Off-Road Vehicles (ATV/Dirt bike)?
Specialty insurance is the answer you have been looking for. You will receive insurance coverage that is designed to fit your needs as an off-road enthusiast. Available coverages include full collision protection, fire/theft protection, safety apparel coverage, and even uninsured/underinsured coverage. Multi-unit, safety course training, and rider experience discounts are also available on all ATV/Dirtbike policies.

Why Buy From Hayden’s???
We are your one-stop shop for all of your motorcycle and ATV needs. We know the products, we know the service, and we know the people. We have been selling quality specialty insurance for over 30 years.

Now is the time to get the coverage that is right for you!

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